Sometimes, faith in God is not easy – Phil 1:18-21

Sometimes, faith in God isn’t easy! In difficult times, it’s like walking a dark path with a flashlight. We may not know the way ahead, but we can walk in confidence because the flashlight shows us the way forward. We can keep walking in faith.

The theologian J.I. Packer once said, “The Christian motto should not be ‘let go and let God’ but trust God and get going.” 

One of the best examples of “trust God and get going” is how Paul continued to minister and encourage others during his imprisonment. He didn’t allow his circumstances to hinder or dampen his ministry. Paul’s life shows us that situations can seem completely hopeless and out of our hands, but we can trust God is still active and working all things together for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

Practice: Trusting God is hard work. Consider praying the prayer below with your hands out and palms up, demonstrating that you’re humbly surrendering all your circumstances to the Lord. Only when we come to God with open hands can He fill them.

Pray: Gracious God, I want to trust You above all things. Often, problems steal my attention and rob me of my joy. Today, I surrender them to you. I want you to take __. You can do more with it than I can. You are sovereign, I am not. You are in control, I am not. I eagerly expect Your healing hand and Your faithful provision. Fill me with your Spirit and help me walk in your ways. Amen.