Blessings from our Father

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We’ve traveled a heavy road so far in Romans, but the sin question has been settled now. We will not come before God for judgment because of the redemption Jesus Christ purchased for us at a tremendous price on the cross. What He did for us delivers us from the penalty of sin. An eternal home with Jesus waits for all who trust Him.

But what about here and now?

What good comes to us today in our new life in Christ? God has put these on the table for you, and all you have to do is reach over and take them (see Ephesians1:3).

What does it mean to me to be saved by faith? Here are just eight of the wonderful results of our salvation.

  1. Peace with God (v.1)—When you are certain your sins are forgiven, and everything is right between you and God, you feel an unexplainable, real peace. (See Philippians 4:7.)
  2. Access to God (v.2a)—As God’s child, your heavenly Father listens to you pray. He always hears and answers according to His wisdom.
  3. Hope (v.2b)—As God’s children, we look forward to Jesus coming back to this earth (see 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) to take His church out of this world. This hope means we have a future with God.
  4. Triumph in trouble (vv. 3, 4)—It sometimes takes trouble to bring out the best in the believer’s life. God can only get fruit out of our lives by pruning the branches.
  5. Love (v.5)—This love poured in us is the assurance that God loves us. What’s more, you can’t keep God from loving you. You can put up an umbrella to block His love, but He will never stop loving you.
  6. The Holy Spirit (v. 5)—The Holy Spirit makes God’s love real in your heart. You’ll hear the Holy Spirit tell you how much He loves you if you listen. Go ahead, ask Him.
  7. Deliverance from wrath (v.9)—Jesus constantly saves you from the power of sin, and He will save you in the future from the presence of sin.
  8. Joy (v.11)—We joy in God. Right now, whatever your problems are, you can have joy in God. God has worked out a plan to save us because He loves us.

Be happy today in God for these wonderful benefits of salvation. And God wants to do even more for His children …

When Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, that one transgression plunged the human race into sin; but Jesus’ one act of obedience and His death on the cross made it possible for a lost man to be saved.

And we have so much more in Jesus than we lost in Adam. Today we look forward to something more wonderful than the Garden of Eden. Jesus provides a breathtaking life ahead for those who receive His gift of life.

God’s work in our hearts makes it possible for us to grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus.