Ten Steps Towards Christ

An excellent text for anyone just coming to know Jesus as Savior.

Or, maybe you accepted that free gift years ago but never took any steps forward in your faith.

Either way, this book is for YOU!

Forward and Introduction



What is the foundation or the bedrock of Christian faith?

  • be a good person?
  • follow the 10 Commandments?
  • vote a certain way?
  • feed to the poor?

This book helps you see the difference between the Religion of Christianity vs the Relationship of Christianity.

It helps clarify and simplify the Faith, which is so often complicated by people.

Most problems people have with Christianity is that all they know is what people have told them, or more importantly SHOWN them about religion. 

I think this book is a great foundation, or primer as described in the forward, to start your Christian walk – and experience the peace and joy that comes from doing Christianity RIGHT!



Not everyone will relate to the author’s past, but MANY will.

To me, listening to part of Jimmy’s story and seeing that even when he was at his worst, God was still with him. He never did ANYTHING that put him so far away from God that he was too far gone!

We all need to know that. No matter what you have done, God still loves you and is waiting with His arms stretched, picture a loving father with arms spread out waiting for a big hug.

We all have a past, and understanding that we are never too far gone is paramount to establishing a right relationship with God.

When I first found Christ, I had HAD IT WITH religion and religious people. I was looking for something REAL

Keep reading this book, it will help you start your journey OR solidify the walk if you have already decided to follow Jesus.

Chapter 1 – Being Born Again


Like for the author, the term “born again” always held some negative connotation for me. Jimmy characterized it as “spooky”.

And, like Jimmy, I became born again before I even got over that mischaracterization of the term. Even after I was born again I felt funny calling myself born again. 

Chapter 1 does a very good job of explaining sin and this fundamental problem between us and God. 

As you read on, you will start to get a picture of our loving God, that even though we are rebellious and our nature is to sin, He made a way for us to be saved from that nature and to be with Him. This way is Jesus – and remember, Jesus did the hard part (lived a perfect life we could not then died on the cross for us), all we have to do is Believe it.

When we repent of sins (just means to turn away from a sinful lifestyle and strive to keep sin out of our life and grow closer and closer to God – that is a process – it DOES NOT mean to be perfect, but to have a change of heart about sin)