Grafted into the Body of Christ

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What does it mean to be grafted into the body of Christ?

It really helps me to be able to visualize complex ideas or teachings, even though when it comes to things of God we might not be able to intellectualize them – meaning our limited human thoughts can’t always comprehend these truths.

Today I prayed that the Holy Spirit would help me with this thought, and combine it with visualizing what happened to me at the moment of salvation. Here is what He gave me.

Before I accepted Christ, I pictured my body as standing alone in the world. No real connection to anything. And inside my body was a heart that looks like stone. Hard and impenetrable. My essence, or the “real me” is like a little man pulling levers and pressing buttons at the controls of my body. If you were to draw this as a cartoon, picture a person walking down the road, then zoom in on the brain where there is a control room with this little man, all alone, working feverishly to keep the person walking in a straight line. But ALONE.

Now bring in the Gospel, and as my little man hears it, he believes it and confesses it. At that moment, picture a huge vineyard, all emanating from the same vine. Spreading out over miles and miles of the earth. And a tiny branch reaches into my heart and it is transformed into a soft heart of flesh – and connected to the vineyard. This vineyard is the Body of Christ, and now I am extending the reach as one of the vines grafted into the body. Small and weak at first, but I look around at my fellow “vines” and see some are massive…but still grafted to the vineyard.

Now, picture the cartoon again, zoom into the brain’s control room. See the little man…but now there is another. I visualize Him as a wise looking man and able to give the little man in control advice, knowledge, motivation, and many other valuable things in order to navigate the world. That, my friend, is the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches us that when we are saved we become a new creation (the heart of flesh) – unique, and different from all the other “creatures” who are represented as vines grafted to the vineyard. Unique in how we will grow. Unique in how we will transform, in what we need to learn and change about our thinking in order to fulfill our part of the vineyard. Never again will the little man be alone.

There is more….stay tuned.

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